ACCESS SOLUTION provides a comprehensive range of security services to a wide variety of market sectors including public, private, government and military organizations.

Some of the services offered are:


  • Integrated security system
  • CCTV surveillance system
  • Intruder detection system
  • Access Control  system software and system hardware solution
  • Intercom Communication & Automation system
  • Biometrics / fingerprint control technology
  • Time Management system



1. Integrated Building



2. CCTV Surveillance

and Recording


3. Automation of Gate

and Door

4. Access Control by

Proximity tag/disk

5. Intercom

Audio and Video

6.Biometric Access

and Time Management

Access Control: just as electricity is a necessity with the construction of a new building, so too has access control become the norm. We are certified installers of the Impro range of products, which is manufactured locally, thus allowing us to provide a service to our clients quickly and efficiently. Our vast range of access control hardware gives our clients the freedom of choice from keypad readers, access tag readers, swipe card readers to fingerprint readers. Whats unique about the system is that the software has been designed to capture and control all information that is necessary and required by law for each employee and can be integrated to a time recording system, whereby all the information captured can be used for payroll purposes.

CCTV has become an integral part of our everyday life. An installation of this nature has paid for itself many times over on sites that experience stock shrinkages, intruder invasions and effective staff control. This system allows one to record and view live footage from anywhere in the world on your cellphone or via the internet. Our cameras are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Intercom Communication has been designed for private residential homes, apartment blocks as well as office buildings. We offer an audio and visual range of products.

Automation of driveway gates, booms, turnstiles, etc. Various types of system available to suite our clients needs.

We have done extensive research on our competitors prices. Prices are standard on hardware and software, however, the difference that we offer to our clients is labour and quality of services.

When asked who can provide us with a complete Access Control / CCTV system..

ACCESS SOLUTION automatically comes to mind!

ACCESS SOLUTION strives to satisfy customers and produce

a service that is beyond expectations

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